Richard Harper, a scholar and top athlete, had always believed that his grandfather, Professor Stuart Harper, had died when he was a child. When Richard discovers, however, that the scientist has been incarcerated in a care home for years, he seeks out the truth - and finds a lot more than he bargained for!

Stuart Harper, was a brilliant scientist before he was struck down by motor neurone disease. Locked in the cruel solitary confinement of his own mind he was left with no form of communication with the outside world.  But his grand-son changes all that. He finds the key to let his grandfather speak once again. And speak he does, his brilliant mind as sharp as ever, returning to the world with great scientific acclaim.

Following Stuart’s death in 2012, however, Richard discovers a computer file generated by his grandfather. And what is on this file will change the universe forever.

A file generated by Professor Harper after his own death! 

The Greatest Gift, a science fiction novel, opens in Cambridge in 2001. And ends somewhere beyond our wildest dreams.

The Greatest Gift - A Science Fiction Novel


Ken has come up with an absolutely ingenious concept that explores multiple paths for the development of human potential. Flawlessly executed.

Dan Witters, author of ‘Cubespace’.

All great stories begin with a ‘what if’ and Ken Balneaves has taken the greatest ‘what if’ of them all and taken us on a truly thought provoking journey with Richard Harper.



Mark Pearson, Author of ‘Murder Club’, & Co-Author (with James Patterson) of ‘Private London’.